120 Adorable Black Chicken Names For Your Fluffy Friends

Adorable Black Chicken Names

Are you a proud owner of a cute and fluffy black chicken? If so, you’re probably looking for the perfect name to match their unique personality. Choosing the right name for your feathered friend can be a fun and creative way to bond with your pet and make them feel like a beloved family member.

When it comes to naming your black chicken, the options are endless! From classic names to more unique and quirky choices, countless possibilities exist. This article will provide a list of adorable black chicken names to help inspire your creativity and find the perfect name for your feathered companion. So, let’s get started and find the perfect name for your fluffy friend!

Raven – dark and mysterious like the bird

Midnight – perfect for a chicken with black feathers

Onyx – like the black gemstone

Coal – black like a piece of coal

Ink – like the color of a pen

Shadow – perfect for a black chicken that follows you around

Carbon – a chemical element that is black

Soot – like the residue from a fire

Blackie – a classic name for a black pet

Ace – a strong and confident name for a black chicken

Ebony – like the dark wood

Smokey – perfect for a black chicken with a misty grey tint

Charcoal – like the dark material used for drawing

Jet – like the color of a black gemstone

Noir – French for black

Eclipse – like the astronomical event

Panther – a sleek and powerful name for a black chicken

Zorro – like the black masked hero

Night – a simple yet effective name for a black chicken

Onyxx – a unique spelling of Onyx

Storm – like a dark and moody sky

Phantom – like a ghostly presence

Licorice – like the black candy

Inky – like the color of ink

Salem – like the famous black cat

Vanta – short for Vantablack, the darkest color ever made

Hershey – like the dark chocolate

Obsidian – like the dark volcanic rock

Darth – like the infamous villain from Star Wars

Twilight – like the time of day between day and night

Acey – a cute variation of Ace

Bat – like the nocturnal animal

Blackberry – like the dark fruit

Caviar – like the luxury food

Crow – like the black bird

Diesel – a strong and edgy name

Dusky – like the dark sky at twilight

Hades – like the Greek god of the underworld

Knight – like the dark and noble medieval warrior

Licor – a unique variation of Licorice

Noirin – a unique and feminine variation of Noir

Obsi – a cute nickname for Obsidian

Oreo – like the black and white cookie

Pepper – like the black spice

Racer – a fast and sporty name for a black chicken

Sable – like the dark fur of an animal

Shadowfax – like the horse from Lord of the Rings

Smudge – a cute and quirky name for a black chicken

Squid – like the dark sea creature

Vader – a cool and edgy variation of Darth

Black Jack – like the popular card game

Carbonara – like the Italian pasta dish

Cola – like the black soft drink

Cymbal – a unique and musical name for a black chicken

Demeter – like the Greek goddess of harvest and fertility

Domino – like the black and white game pieces

Eclipsey – a cute and unique variation of Eclipse

Emo – like the dark and moody subculture

Fly – a simple and effective name for a black chicken

Galaxia – like the dark and vast universe

Gotham – like the fictional city in Batman comics

Grimoire – like a book of spells and magic

Hallow – like the holiday Halloween

Harbinger – like a sign of things to come

Icarus – like the tragic Greek mythological character

Inkwell – like the container for ink

Kuro – Japanese for black

Lucifera – like the female demon in Christian mythology

Magik – a fun and mystical name for a black chicken

Morpheus – like the Greek god of dreams

Mystic – like something mysterious and unknown

Nib – like the tip of a pen

Nightshade – like the poisonous plant

Ninja – like the stealthy and mysterious warrior

Nocturne – like a musical composition inspired by the night

Odin – like the Norse god of wisdom, war, and death

Obscurus – Latin for dark and obscure

Ombre – like a gradual transition from dark to light

Opal – like the black gemstone with colorful reflections

Orion – like the constellation in the night sky

Persephone – like the Greek goddess of the underworld

Phantom Wing – like a ghostly winged creature

Pitch – like the substance used to seal roofs

Pixel – a cute and quirky name for a black chicken

Poe – like the famous American writer of horror and mystery

Quill – like the feather used for writing

Reaper – like the personification of death

Ravenclaw – like the Hogwarts house in Harry Potter

Rorschach – like the psychological inkblot test

Sabre – like the sword with a curved blade

Salem Witch – like the infamous witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts

Shadow Hunter – like a mysterious and stealthy hunter

Sirius – like the brightest star in the night sky

Smoke – like the result of burning something

Snitch – like the golden ball in Quidditch

Spade – like the black suit in a deck of cards

Sphynx – like the mythical creature with a lion’s body and a human head

Starless – like a sky without stars

Sterling – like the dark silver metal

Tenebrous – Latin for dark and shadowy

Thanatos – like the Greek god of death

Thunder – like the loud sound of a storm

Titania – like the queen of the fairies in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Trinity – like the threefold nature of something

Umbra – Latin for shadow

Vesper – like the evening star

Void – like the emptiness of space

Voodoo – like the mystical Afro-Caribbean religion

Warlock – like a male witch

Wraith – like a ghostly and insubstantial being

Xanthus – like the black horse in Greek mythology

Xenon – like the chemical element with the symbol Xe

Xylophone – like the musical instrument

Yami – Japanese for darkness

Yggdrasil – like the Norse mythology’s world tree

Yoshi – like the cute green dinosaur from Super Mario

Zanzibar – like the island off the coast of Tanzania

Zenith – like the highest point of something

Zephyr – like the gentle breeze

Zodiac – like the imaginary belt of constellations in the sky


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