15 Farm Tractor Salvage Yards in Texas

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In the sprawling expanse of Texas, where agriculture reigns supreme and farming machinery is a lifeline, a unique resource has emerged – farm tractor salvage yards. These yards serve as treasure troves of indispensable spare parts and old tractors that still have a lot of life in them. In this article, we will take a closer look at these vital operations, unearthing the magic behind the scenes of the Texas farm tractor salvage yards.

These locales provide not only economical solutions for farmers, but also contribute significantly to environmental sustainability by recycling and reusing machinery parts that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Welcome to the world of salvage, where the old becomes new, and the discarded turns into a crucial component of the Texas farming backbone.

Lonestar Tractor Salvage Yard

Lonestar Tractor Salvage Yard is a well-known establishment, deeply rooted in the heart of Texas’ agriculture community. It’s known for its extensive collection of spare parts and used machinery, a resource that farmers all around the state rely on for maintaining and repairing their own equipment.

Operating with the values of integrity, customer satisfaction, and environmental sustainability, Lonestar Salvage Yard ensures every part is thoroughly inspected and adequately reconditioned before being sold. Their knowledgeable staff and expansive inventory make it a go-to destination for any tractor-related needs.

Texan Tractor Graveyard

Texan Tractor Graveyard is a haven for tractors that still have life left in them. This salvage yard’s primary goal is to reduce waste and support farmers by offering affordable and quality parts for various types of tractors.

Established with a vision of sustainable farming, the Texan Tractor Graveyard provides a unique and vital service. They offer a wide range of parts and models, catering to different needs and budgets, making tractor maintenance more affordable and eco-friendly.

The Panhandle Parts Paradise

The Panhandle Parts Paradise, located in the northernmost part of Texas, is a renowned salvage yard specializing in farm tractor components. Their ample stock makes them an invaluable resource for farmers seeking specific parts.

With a reputation for high-quality parts and friendly customer service, the Panhandle Parts Paradise has carved a unique niche for itself. They cater to all farming machinery needs, ensuring that farmers can continue to cultivate the fertile lands of Texas.

Amarillo Agricultural All-Stars Salvage

Amarillo Agricultural All-Stars Salvage has been serving the farming community for decades. They stock a vast array of parts, including those for rare or older models, which makes them a real gem in the industry.

Not only does Amarillo Agricultural All-Stars Salvage have a diverse inventory, but they also offer tractor repair services on-site. They’re dedicated to helping farmers keep their machines in tip-top shape, supporting the Texas agricultural industry.

Southern Star Salvage Yard

Located in the heart of Texas, Southern Star Salvage Yard provides tractor parts that cover a broad spectrum of models and manufacturers. Their experienced team ensures all salvaged parts are in working order, offering reliable solutions for farmers.

Southern Star takes pride in delivering excellent customer service. Their helpful and knowledgeable staff work tirelessly to meet the needs of their customers, making tractor maintenance less stressful and more affordable.

West Texas Tractor Treasures

West Texas Tractor Treasures is a leading salvage yard known for their comprehensive stock of tractor parts. They provide parts for an assortment of tractor brands, making them a one-stop-shop for farmers in the region.

With an emphasis on sustainability, West Texas Tractor Treasures supports farmers and the environment by recycling parts and reducing landfill waste. Their competitive pricing and quality assurance make them a preferred choice among many.

Central Plains Salvage Yard

Central Plains Salvage Yard is a trusted name in the farming industry, offering a wide range of parts for a variety of tractor models. They focus on the quality and longevity of their parts, ensuring farmers get their money’s worth.

Their knowledgeable staff helps farmers find the right part for their machines, offering guidance and advice based on years of experience. Central Plains Salvage Yard goes the extra mile in customer service and satisfaction, standing out as a valuable resource.

Harvest Haven Salvage Yard

Harvest Haven Salvage Yard is located in the fertile lands of East Texas. It’s a haven for old tractors and spare parts, offering a wide selection of quality components at affordable prices.

Harvest Haven focuses on providing excellent customer service and high-quality parts. With their meticulous process of checking and reconditioning parts, they ensure every purchase from their yard is a valuable investment.

Lubbock Tractor Loot Yard

Lubbock Tractor Loot Yard stands out as a well-stocked resource for affordable and quality tractor parts in Texas. Their services extend from selling parts to assisting farmers with repair and maintenance advice.

Firmly rooted in the community, Lubbock Tractor Loot Yard has been the cornerstone of agricultural support in the area for years. They contribute significantly to local farming operations, facilitating an affordable and sustainable approach to tractor upkeep.

Austin Agri-Salvage

Located in the state capital, Austin Agri-Salvage has developed a reputation for its wide variety of tractor parts, catering to diverse models and makes. They offer parts that have been meticulously tested and restored, ensuring optimal functionality.


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Austin Agri-Salvage is known for its personalized customer service. Their knowledgeable staff provide guidance and support, helping farmers find exactly what they need, thereby making Austin Agri-Salvage a trusted name in the farming community.

Houston Harvest Salvage Yard

Houston Harvest Salvage Yard has a large inventory of tractor parts and used tractors, catering to the vast agricultural needs of the Houston area. They specialize in a range of tractor models, offering both common and hard-to-find parts.

With a commitment to quality and customer service, Houston Harvest Salvage Yard stands as a significant resource for the local farming community. Their affordability and dedication to quality make them a top choice for tractor parts and services.

Ranger’s Rest Salvage Yard

Ranger’s Rest Salvage Yard, nestled in the heart of West Texas, is a bustling hub for tractor parts and used tractors. Their focus is on affordability without compromising the quality of the parts.

Ranger’s Rest Salvage Yard operates with a deep sense of community. They take pride in their service to local farmers, helping to keep their tractors running smoothly and efficiently.

San Antonio Salvage Sanctuary

San Antonio Salvage Sanctuary is an impressive establishment boasting a large collection of tractor parts. They focus on providing parts for various tractor models, both new and old, offering a lifeline to farmers in need.

This salvage yard goes above and beyond to serve its customers. With a knowledgeable staff and wide array of parts, San Antonio Salvage Sanctuary has become an essential part of the farming industry in Texas.

Dallas Digger’s Delight Salvage Yard

Dallas Digger’s Delight Salvage Yard, situated in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, specializes in a range of tractor parts. Their vast inventory makes them a valuable asset for the local farming community.

Dallas Digger’s Delight ensures that all salvaged parts are carefully inspected and restored to working condition. They offer affordable options, supporting the local agriculture industry with dedication and expertise.

Golden Grains Salvage Yard

Golden Grains Salvage Yard is a renowned establishment based in East Texas, known for its extensive selection of tractor parts. They pride themselves on their quality control and wide array of options.

With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Golden Grains Salvage Yard offers comprehensive assistance to customers, guiding them in their search for the right parts. Their contributions to the Texas agricultural industry are both notable and praiseworthy.


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